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The Alloway Wilderness Reserve (also called Alloway) is 48 hectares of prestine boreal forest on the shores of Big Whiteshell Lake in Manitoba's Whiteshell Provincial Park. The reserve is managed and maintained by dedicated Scouts Canada volunteers under the auspices of Scouts Canada Manitoba Council. Alloway is available to all Scouts Canada members and is an ideal location for members to learn about and practice wilderness camping and outdoor skills.

Alloway is located on the eastern side of Big Whiteshell Lake and can be accessed by a short boat ride for the primary boat launch located at the provincial camp site or the secondary boat launch located at ER53.

Canoes located in the boathouse can be reserved by contacting the Alloway property management team through the Manitoba Council. Groups wishing to use the canoes must provide their own PFDs (personal floatation devices), paddles and emergency boating kits.

Alloway is the home of the annual Scoutlook Wilderness Camp and has been used by Quest Manitoba as a base camp for accessing the numerous back-country canoe routes in Whiteshell Provincial Park.

The reserve is nestled in a small cove that is sheltered on three sides making it the perfect location for teaching and practicing canoeing skills without needing to venture out into open water. It's sandy beach and a gradual slope into the lake provides an excellent place for swimming and cooling off from the summer's heat. When the lake freezes over, Alloway can also be used as a destination for winter camping adventures.

In keeping with the wilderness theme of the property and to provide a rich wilderness experience, Alloway does not have modern amentities with limited cell service that is only available in a few locations. The main building, or boathouse, is avalable and can be used for cooking, dining, storage and program activites.

Located just under two hours from Winnipeg, Alloway's three campsites (Brownsea, Gilwell, and Mafeking) and activity areas in close proximity to the boathouse and beach, make it an ideal location for Scout Troops, Venturer Companys and Rover Crews to participate in wilderness activities such as camping, canoeing, boating, orientering, first aid training, cooking and practice Leave-No-Trace principles.


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