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The Alloway Wilderness Reserve (also know and Camp Alloway or simply Alloway) is 48 hectares of isolated pristine boreal forest wilderness situated at the northern boundary of the Mantario Wilderness Area in Manitoba's Whiteshell Provincial Park and designated a wilderness property by Scouts Canada. The reserve is available to all Scouts Canada Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and adult members (both novice and experienced) who wish to learn about, practice and participate in a wilderness and back-country camping experience.

Alloway is nestled in a quiet cove on the eastern shore of Big Whiteshell Lake and can be accessed by a short boat ride from the government dock located by the camp grounds or from the alternate boat launch at ER53 from June 1st to September 30th. In the winter, Alloway can be accessed by hiking or sledding across the lake ice and used as a destination for winter camping adventures from January 1st to March 1st depending on the condition of the lake ice.

With its cove sheltered on three sides, Alloway is the perfect place for participants to learn and practice paddling and canoeing skills without needing to venture out into open water. Its location also provides easy access to the numerous back-country canoe and hiking routes in the Mantario Wilderness Area is a ideal starting point for groups wanting to participate in more challenging wilderness and back-country activites. The large sandy beach with its gradual slope into the lake is one of the best beaches on Big Whiteshell Lake and is a great place for swimming and cooling off from the summer’s heat.

Alloway is the home of the annual Scoutlook Wilderness Camp and has been used by Quest Manitoba as a base camp for accessing the numerous back-country canoe routes in Whiteshell Provincial Park.

In keeping with the wilderness theme of the reserve and to maintain the back-country camp experience, there are no modern amenities at Alloway and cell service is only available in a few locations around the reserve. The reserve's main building (the boathouse) is about 73 sq. m. (800 sq. ft.) and can be used as a cooking shelter, dining hall, activities centre and equipment storehouse. The boathouse can also be used, along with the two cub cabins, as an emergency shelter. In addition to the boathouse, there are three camp sites (Brownsea, Gilwell and Mafeking) four outhouses and two fire pits spread out across the property

Located just over 2 hours from Winnipeg, Alloway’s isolated location, natural wilderness, camp sites, activity areas and boathouse make the reserve an ideal destination for Scout Troops, Venturer Companys and Rover Crews that want to experience and participate in wilderness activities such as camping, canoeing, boating, swimming, orienteering, wilderness first aid training, cooking and practice environmental stewardship by following Leave-No-Trace principles.

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Except about the Alloway Wilderness Reserve from "History and Folklore of the Whiteshell Park North" by Anne Cott.